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difficult to recover from running out of file descriptors



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      This bug documents a situation I was just discussing with Dave Brown, and it is
      the real cause of P1 bugid 4026810 for RMI, although a somewhat awkward
      workaround is being provided to (mostly) fix that bug. Dave said that he will
      look into it. (Thursday, 7:45PM EST)

      When Java code consumes up all of its process's file descriptors, the VM is no
      longer able to load any classes. Therefore, when an attempt is made to acquire
      another file descriptor, it is likely that the proper exception class cannot be
      loaded, and a NoClassDefFoundError is thrown instead.

      For example, if a server is executing a ServerSocket.accept() call to accept an
      incoming client connection, and there are no free file descriptors, it cannot
      load "java.net.SocketException" to signal this condition, so the
      NoClassDefFoundError is thrown. It is unlikely that the application code is
      programmed to deal with this error at the proper level to sensibly recover its
      server operations (this error is usually considered fatal in the general case).
      To make matters worse in this instance, this error bypasses the catch for
      an IOException in ServerSocket.implAccept() so the server socket is not closed,
      as the application would expect on failure. Therefore, a whole bunch of clients
      might be able to successfully connect to the port that the server was listening
      on, and they will all hang waiting for a response to the server.

      The server would have to explicitly catch this NoClassDefFoundError and assume
      this failure to properly recover, or at least close the server socket.

      Outside of specific sections of code expecting it, the NoClassDefFoundError is
      usually considered a fatal condition that the application cannot proceed with.
      Running out of file descriptors, however, is a condition which many programs
      will need to be able to handle in a graceful fashion. Not being able to load
      any other classes (like application specific exception types) and having to
      catch NoClassDefFoundError make this handling tedious to accomplish.


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