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monitor cache expansion could cause threads to wait indefinitely



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      kevin.kluge@Eng 1997-02-28

      The monitor cache has a bug in its expansion code. When a thread expands
      the cache, other threads that need monitors pile up on the expansion condvar.
      When the thread expanding the cache completes, it does a notify, but not
      a notifyAll. So only one of the waiting threads wakes up to get the
      monitor it needs. The other waiting threads are left to wait indefinitely.

      I wrote a simple program that illustrates the problem when run on a
      slightly modified VM. I'll attach the program to this bug report. The
      program just creates a bunch of threads that repeatedly grab a monitor,
      sleep for two seconds, and release the monitor. Each thread grabs a
      different monitor, so the number of requested monitor is controlled by
      the number of created threads.

      I modified the VM in two ways to make the problem easily reproducible.
      I modified the VM so that the monitor cache expansion sleeps for 2
      seconds in monitorCacheExpand(). This is so that expansions will take
      long enough for multiple threads to pile up in the wait on the
      expansion condvar. (This could happen on preemptive thread schedulers,
      but it's hard to reproduce that way.) I also changed the code to only
      add 1 monitor to the allocated pool for each expansion
      (EXPANSION_QUANTUM = 1). This is so that there will be a lot of expansions.

      I will attach the output of the program to this bug report. The first
      output is with notify (not notifyAll). Notice that only two threads are
      making progress. These are the thread that originally did the expansion
      and the one thread that it woke up when it completed. The end of the
      output has a dump from the VM -- notice that all the other 98 threads
      are piled up in a wait on the expansion condvar.

      The second output is from replacing notify with notifyAll (creating
      EXPANSION_NOTIFYALL, called in place of EXPANSION_NOTIFY). Notice
      that all the threads are making progress, and only a few are waiting
      on the expansion condvar. There are a few waiting because the expansion
      takes two seconds.




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