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Frame's incorrectly displayed when using eXcursion software



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      When I run the test program FTest on my UNIX system and display remotely to my PC using the eXcursion window manager, there appears to be some serious regressions and three problems. These problems only occur when displaying using eXcursion; everything works fine when using other window managers.

      // Ftest.java
      import java.awt.*;

      public class FTest extends Frame {

              public FTest()
                      setLayout(new FlowLayout());
                      Button b = new Button("hi there");
                      add(b, BorderLayout.CENTER);

              public static void main(String[] args)
                      FTest t = new FTest();

      a. First, if you had iconized any or all of your terminal windows
      (xterms or decterms) on the PC, so that these windows did not
      appear on the screen but were instead icons in the Taskbar, when
      you run the test program FTest, the windows for all of those
      iconized tasks are now immediately popped up and displayed on the
      screen. The Java application (ie. FTest) that is being run and
      pops up a window may be completely covered by one of these terminal
      windows. This flashing and popping behavior can be very distracting
      and will be a real problem for our users; they will see this too
      and complain. The correct behavior is that for the FTest program,
      the window titled "FT" should be the only window to pop up.

      b. Secondly, the Frame display that is created by the program
      appears on the screen incorrect. This problem is different than the
      behavior I first reported to Sun for the eXcursion bug where the
                 display was completely empty. (see bug #4124896)
                 Now, it appears similar to the problem we reported in 1.1.7 in
                 bug #4167137, which was a problem with the fixed insets, though it
                 isn't as bad as that problem was. In that report, the display was
                 messed up on the right-most and bottom-most sides of the display.
                 Now, it is only messed up on the right-most side. Now, as with that
                 other problem, if you drag an edge of the window to resize it, it is
      displayed correctly. Using 117K, the incorrect display for Ftest
      looks like:

        || FT |-| |X|| = this titlebar area is dark grey
        || ---------- | ||
        || |hi there| |------> = this is a skinny column on the right that takes
        || ---------- | || on the color of the screen beneath the frame (this
        || | || 'border' should not be there; it should be grey)
        || | || Dragging a window edge eliminates this column.
        || | ||
        || ----------> = this entire display area (and the button) inside
        || | || the frame are light grey (this is correct)
        || | ||
        || | ||

      c. The window titled "FT" for the FTest program is now displayed on
      the PC at about twice the height as before when 117J was used or
      when displayed on UNIX using either CDE or Motif using 117K. This
      incorrect display is new with the 117K source drop and did not
      appear this way with any of the previous 117 drops.


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