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java plugin 1.2.2 has memory leaks on win95



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        Customer is writing a huge swing application.

        They see memory leaks when the applet is reloaded in the plugin.

        Here's the customers comment:

        First, what has to be underlined is that the problem we have is not exactly that
        the application gets slower as we use it, this is only a consequence of the real
        problem: the amount of memory used by the application gets larger throughout the
        execution process. While monitoring the total amount of free memory on a running
        system, we indeed noticed that reloading the applet was leading, each time, to a
        loss of about 5 megabytes.
        This systematic memory loss on a typical targeted system with only 32 megabytes
        of available memory leads quite rapidly to a stiff drop in the observed
        performances (the system spends a significant amount of time just swapping on
        its hard drive).

        > How can I reproduce that it gets slower and slower?
        Attached to this message is a standalone version of the Rechnung Online system.
        It will allow you to reproduce the problems with raised when using the Sun Java
        Plug-In. Since the memory problem is much bigger when using Netscape, You
        should use this version using Netscape Communicator 4.5 under Windows 95/98.
        The version of the plug-in we used for our tests was the 1.2.2.
        To install this application just ungzip & untar the attached file into a
        directory (to be safe, this should be done in a Solaris environment). Then, as
        described by Renaud de la Croix-Vaubois, you first have to access the
        application, the best being to open the file HomePage.html. It will bring you to
        the Reo Home Page. From the Home Page, you can access the Invoice Selection by
        clicking on Rechnungen Auswhal. Then you can navigate to Invoice Item
        (Rechnungs-Positionen) or Invoice Overview (Rechnungs-übersicht). To come back
        to the home page you can click on the small "house" button at the top left
        corner of the page.
        The most obvious memory drop can be observed by going back and forth between the
        homepage and the invoice selection page. As an example, here are some measures
        obtained monitoring the total allocated memory (using Windows System Monitor):
             Initialization --> Homepage [46 megs]
                            --> Invoice Sel. [62 megs]
                            --> Homepage [61.8 megs]
                            --> Invoice Sel. [67.7 megs]
                            --> .....

        Customer uses win95 and netscape 4.5


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