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Enabled checkbox entry function in JNLP RuntimeSettings dialog is not clear.




      ###@###.### 2004-02-19

      Tested_Java_Release : 1.5.0
      Tested_bundles_Location :
      Build: b37 or b38
      Tested_Machine_Name : sniperpc.india.sun.com
      Tested O/S : winxp Prof

        The use of enabled entry in JNLP RuntimeSettings dialog is not clear.

      Problem Description :

       1) ensure you have no JRE on the system
       2) Install J2RE bundle as user with admin privileges
       3) Invoke Java ControlPanel (Start->Control Panel click on java icon)
       4) Go to Java tab
       5) Click on "View" button under JNLP RuntimeSettings
          You will see a window with User/System tabs
          NOTE the entries in both the tabs.
          You will have the following entries
           Platform: 1.5
           Product: 1.5.0-beta2
           Location: http://java.sun.com/products/autodl/j2se
           Path: C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.5.0\bin\javaw.exe
           Enabled: (has check mark)

       6) Choose user Tab and Select the entry
       7) uncheck "Enabled" entry
       8) Go to System tab and look at the enabled entry. It is still checked.
          If you try selecting then entry and try to disable it does not allow
          you to do any operation.
       9) Click on Ok
      10) Click on Apply
      11) quit control Panel
      12) invoke Control Panel and go to java tab and click on 'View' as in step 5.
          Look at the enabled entry for user -> it is disabled
          Look at that from System
            BUG --> It is also disabled

      The other BUG is there is no way to disable system tab entry.
       a) If I login as admin and try to uncheck the enabled entry it prohibits user
       b) If I login as non-admin and try to uncheck the enabled entry it prohibits user

       So how does one go about disabling system. If that operation is not allowed
       then the enabled column must be removed from System tab.

       1.5.0 beta1 Java Docs does not talk about this entry in details.

       What is the use of system and user entry for the same JRE?
       If it is system wide applicable then why display it in user tab?
       Ideally it is not required and it is redundant.
       If user chose a different JRE that is not in system then show that entry.

       It would help if the functioning of this field is clarified and well documented.

         Admin user -> User tab entry -> Add/removal
         Admin user -> system tab entry -> Add/removal
         Non-Admin user -> User tab entry -> Add/removal
         Non-Admin user -> System tab entry -> Add/removal

       Testing on Solaris/Linux.




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