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webstart not download the classes with the comma separated package name in 5.0_01



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      J2SE Version (please include all output from java -version flag):
        java version "1.5.0_01-ea"
        Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0_01-ea-b04)
        Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.5.0_01-ea-b04, mixed mode, sharing)

      Does this problem occur on J2SE 1.3, 1.4.x or 1.5? Yes / No (pick one)
        No to all, it works find with 1.5.

      Operating System Configuration Information (be specific):
        Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195]

      Hardware Configuration Information (be specific):
        Compaq P4 1.4 Gz

      Bug Description:

      The problem is in his jnlp file in the line:\

         <package name="dsi.ext.document.*,dsi.ext.storage.*,dsi.ext.search.*" part="document" recursive = "true"/>

      this says litterally that the part "document" contains the package:

      which is clearly not a legal package name, and it is also clear that the
      part actually contains the three packages

         "dsi.ext.document.*", "dsi.ext.storage.*", and "dsi.ext.search.*"

      so it looks like if you replace the above line with:

      <package name="dsi.ext.document.*" part="document" recursive = "true"/>
      <package name="dsi.ext.storage.*" part="document" recursive = "true"/>
      <package name="dsi.ext.search.*" part="document" recursive = "true"/>

      it would work.

      The comma seperated package name is not a syntax defined in the jnlp
      specification. The old 1.5.0 version didn't mind since it tended to over
      eagerly download everything whenever accessing a non-existing class. it was
      still interpreting "dsi.ext.document.*,dsi.ext.storage.*,dsi.ext.search.*"
      as one package name.

      The new code now will never download the jars listed in part "document" until
      the classloader tries to load a classs in one of the packages specified for
      that part. This is why it didn't download in this case, since the only
      package known to be in that part was the long string with all three package
      names seperated by commas.
      ###@###.### 11/1/04 16:37 GMT




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