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WinXP restarts when changing the display mode of the secondary dev programmatically, multi-mon



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      I have a WinXP system configured with 2 monitors where each of them is connected to a different video card (Platform Info is given under Comments). I am trying to do the following:

      1. Get all the display modes for a particular device
      2. Push a Frame into FullScreen mode on that device
      3. Loop through all the display modes and set it one by one.
      4. Repeat this for all the screen devices available.

      When I do this for a secondary monitor, the fullscreen frame actually appears on the primary screen. When setting the display mode one by one, the full-screen frame is no longer fullscreen exclusive and the size of the fullscreen frame exceeds the size of the screen for some display modes (part of it is seen on the other mon). For some other display modes, the fullscreen frame appears much smaller than the screen size and I am able to see the desktop of the same screen.

      After some 15 iterations, the winxp machine restarts automatically. This is pretty severe since it brings down the whole system. This is consistantly reproducible on WinXP with 1.6.0-b17 as well as 1.5.0-fcs. Could not reproduce it on 1.4.2 as some other bug prevents my application from running properly.

      I have attached the testcase (alongwith a couple of supporting classes). Compile all of them and Run it as follows:
      java FrameAutoDisplayModeTest

      It will push a frame into FS mode and change the display mode one by one. After some 15 iterations, if the machine restarts automatically the bug is reproduced. You can also see part of FS frame appearing on the sec monitor.

      I have given the machine details under comments.
      ###@###.### 2005-1-09 13:07:13 GMT

      Forgot to mention the fact that it is reproducible only when disabling the hardware acceleration on both the screens. Goto Display Settings -> Advanced -> Troubleshoot. You would see a slider for Hardware Acceleration. Move it to 'None'. Do it for both the screens and run the attached test.

      When acceleration is 'Full', the fullscreen frame appears on the right screen.

      ###@###.### 2005-1-10 05:30:24 GMT


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