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JCK14a - api TimeZone static test fails for 142_11b1 on Windows 32bit jvm "returns wrong offset"



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      JDK Info: java version "1.4.2_11-ea"
      Build: 1.4.2_11-ea-b01

      Testsuite: JCK-runtime-14a
      Test: javasoft.sqe.tests.api.java.util.TimeZone.staticTests
      Configuration: Any Windows OS with 1.4.2_11-ea-b01 32 bit windows-i586 bundle installed.

      Output from testrun:

      TimeZone2013: Failed. TimeZone.getAvailableIDs returns wrong result it contains ID : America/Fort_Wayne that is not supported
      TimeZone2014: Failed. TimeZone.getAvailableIDs(rawOffset) returns wrong result it contains ID : AGT with wrong offset : 0rawOffset = -10800000
      TimeZone0003: Passed. OK
      TimeZone2015: Passed. OK
      TimeZone0004: Passed. OK
      TimeZone0005: Passed. OK
      TimeZone0006: Passed. OK
      TimeZone2017: Failed. TimeZone.getTimeZone(ID) returns a wrong value : sun.util.calendar.ZoneInfo[id="GMT",offset=0,dstSavings=0,useDaylight=false,transitions=0,lastRule=null]it has wrong ID = GMTID = America/Fort_Wayne
      TimeZone2018: Passed. OK
      TimeZone2019: Passed. OK
      STATUS:Failed.test cases: 10; passed: 7; failed: 3; first test case failure: TimeZone2013

      This test passes on Solaris and Linux with 32 bit jvm for 142_11b1.
      This test also passes on Windows_X64 systems with 64bit jvm.
      This test also passes on Windows OS with 32bit jvm for 142_10b3.

      Summary of Results
      JDK Version Bundle Configuration Result
      1.4.2_10b3 32bit jvm WinXPHome_x86) Passed
      1.4.2_10b3 32bit jvm Solaris 9 Passed

      1.4.2_11b1 32bit jvm WinXPHome_X86 Failed
      1.4.2_11b1 32bit jvm Solaris8 Passed
      1.4.2_11b1 32 bit jvm WinXP_Pro_X64 Failed
      1.4.2_11b1 64 bit jvm WinXp_Pro_X64 Passed

      As you can see the failure is specific to Windows and 32bit jvm.
      It is a regression introduced in 142_11b1.
      Hi Edmund,

      I have re-ran the test on winxphome and win2k again I see the failure.
      That is now 5 different machines which I have reproduced the failure on.
      Here is the WinXpHome machine which you can vnc into. where I have javatest running and you can see the failure with 1.4.2_11 32bit jvm installed into c:/j2sdk1.4.2_11.
      The reason I was quick to log was because on winxp_pro_x64 when I had 32bit jvm installed the test failed. Once I installed windows-amd64 bundle the test pass.

      machine: skinner.ireland
      vnc pass:

      You will find masterGUI-14a.ksh and jvm_args.setup in c:/JQA/ts142/JCK_test
      The TimeZone test is consistently failing on XP Home. The .exe and .tar bundles have been used and different Locales tried. Service Pack 2 is installed and the test machine has all current updates.
      The TimeZone test is pass on x86 Windows XP Pro SP2 (qt7.ireland). The .exe and .tar bundles have been used and different Locales tried. Probably problem is specific for Windows XP Home.
      Patched or non-patched exe bundles were used on Windows XP Pro and it's all pass.
      The test has been rerun on WinXPhome with the non patched exe bundle and is passing. The issue seems to be occuring only with the patched bundle on XPhome.


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