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REG: Mouse cursor gets set incorrectly sometimes after restoring from mouse grab, Sol10



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      I am showing a popup menu on right clicking inside one of the components. When popup menu is shown, the mouse cursor changes to a different cursor due to mouse grab. Click on the sub-menus and keep the popup menu visible. Now click on any of the native window's periphery (click exactly on the periphery so that the mouse cursor changes to resize cursor after popup menu is disposed). The popup menu will disappear and mouse cursor will be changed to one of the resize cursors. Now bring back the mouse immediately into the swing application. You will notice that the cursor is set to one of the resize cursors for the entire swing application. It never changes after that.

      This is reproducible all the times but only when you exactly click on the periphery of some native window when the popup menu is active. I accidently encountered this when I clicked some native window periphery when popup menu is visible.

      This is reproducible only on Mustang and not on Tiger-FCS. On Tiger, the mouse cursor remains the same when the popup menu is opened but on Mustang, the pointer's direction changes. This is reproducible on SolSparc10-JDS with Mustang-b64.

      I have attached a sample test. Execute the sample test. Right click inside one of the buttons. A popup menu will appear. Click on the submenus and make them visible. Now go to some native window (say console window) and click exactly on the periphery and move the mouse back into swing app quickly. If the cursor is shown as resize cursor, the bug is reproduced.
      I tested this on SolSparc10-JDS with Mustang-b73. I am not able to reproduce the above behavior but what I have noticed is also not correct. That is, when the popup menu is visible and when you rollover the mouse on the periphery of the JAVA window, the mouse cursor changes to 'Resize cursor'. After that, the mouse cursor remains as 'Resize' cursor all over the screen and appears as default cursor only inside the java window, as long as popup menu is visible. Once the popup menu is disposed, cursor is restored to normal.

      To reproduce this, do the following:

      1. Run the attached test. Right click inside any of the buttons.
      2. A popup menu will be shown. Keep 2 levels of popup menu visible on the screen.
      3. Move the mouse over the periphery of the Java Window. Make sure cursor changes to resize cursor.
      4. Now take the mouse out of the java window.
      You will see resize cursor being shown all over the screen wherever you take the mouse, except inside the java window.


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