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Drawable space not being created under jdk-1.5.0_05 for Linux



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    • Affects Version/s: 5.0
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      The attached testcase shows a bug in the Linux version of jdk 1.5.0_05

      To see the problem, go into the TestApp/SimpleApp directory.
      Run the script "runlinux". A window will appear with a button
      in the upper left hand corner that says "Win". Press this
      button and a prompt will appear in the terminal window. Type
      1 and press Return and the program will die. This is the bug.
      It can't find display information when running locally on a
      Linux machine.

      The problem does not appear when running on Solaris. Other
      scenarios are; When remotely logged into a Linux machine
      from a Solaris machine, the same problem occurs. However,
      when logged into a Solaris machine from a Linux machine,
      the sample program dies before the window appears and it
      gives an error about not being able to connect to the X11
      Window server.


      From the UGS developer:

      Attached is the test case. Just a quick description to go
      along with it:

      What you will find in the file is the following:

      TestApp/SimpleApp - Java application - use the run* scripts to run the
      TestApp/TestJava - contains the JavaBean (MyBean, which extends Canvas).
      TestApp/Testsrc - native library which is the native side for the JNI.

      There are build and run scripts for all three areas, plus build scripts
      in the top level TestApp directory to do a full rebuild for each
      platform/SDK I was testing against.

      The java application (TestApp/SimpleApp) has my bean (TestJava/MyBean
      (which extends Canvas)) added to it for the test. MyBean is to serve as
      the location in the test application which I will use to position my
      widgets once I get the native widget associated with it. I also use the
      MyBean widget to walk up the widget tree for other purposes. The
      failure occurs on Linux when I try to get the widget for MyBean.

      In order to kick off the process of going native and getting the bean
      widget, use the "Win" button that is on the application.




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