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Some currency names are missing in some locales



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: P3
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 7
    • Fix Version/s: 7
    • Component/s: globalization
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      Some currency names are missing in some locales:

      fr: ghs=Ghana Cedi
      fr: vef=Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte
      fr: sdg=Sudanese Pound
      fr: kwd=Kuwaiti Dinar
      fr: mzn=Mozambique Metical
      fr: ils=Israeli New Sheqel
      fr: azn=Azerbaijanian Manat
      fr: xts=Testing Currency Code
      fr: iqd=Iraqi Dinar
      fr: rsd=Serbian Dinar
      fr: xxx=No Currency
      de: ghs=Ghana Cedi
      de: vef=Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte
      de: sdg=Sudanese Pound
      de: ron=Romanian Leu
      de: rsd=Serbian Dinar
      de: srd=Surinam Dollar
      de: mzn=Mozambique Metical
      de: xbb=European Monetary Unit
      de: xag=Silver
      de: azn=Azerbaijanian Manat
      de: xts=Testing Currency Code
      de: xpt=Platinum
      de: xpd=Palladium
      de: csd=Serbian Dinar
      de: xxx=No Currency
      es: rsd=Serbian Dinar
      es: ghs=Ghana Cedi
      es: vef=Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte
      es: sdg=Sudanese Pound
      es: mzn=Mozambique Metical
      es: azn=Azerbaijanian Manat
      sv: ghs=Ghana Cedi
      sv: xdr=Special Drawing Rights
      sv: vef=Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte
      sv: bob=Boliviano
      sv: sdg=Sudanese Pound
      sv: ron=Romanian Leu
      sv: rsd=Serbian Dinar
      sv: srd=Surinam Dollar
      sv: afn=Afghani
      sv: mzn=Mozambique Metical
      sv: xau=Gold
      sv: xbd=European Unit of Account (XBD)
      sv: xbc=European Unit of Account (XBC)
      sv: xbb=European Monetary Unit
      sv: xba=European Composite Unit
      sv: xag=Silver
      sv: azn=Azerbaijanian Manat
      sv: xts=Testing Currency Code
      sv: xpt=Platinum
      sv: xpd=Palladium
      sv: csd=Serbian Dinar
      sv: xxx=No Currency
      ko: ghs=Ghana Cedi
      ko: vef=Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte
      ko: sdg=Sudanese Pound
      ko: bov=Bolivian Mvdol
      ko: ron=Romanian Leu
      ko: rsd=Serbian Dinar
      ko: srd=Surinam Dollar
      ko: mzn=Mozambique Metical
      ko: xbd=European Unit of Account (XBD)
      ko: xbc=European Unit of Account (XBC)
      ko: xbb=European Monetary Unit
      ko: xba=European Composite Unit
      ko: mxv=Mexican Unidad de Inversion (UDI)
      ko: xaf=CFA Franc BEAC
      ko: xag=Silver
      ko: azn=Azerbaijanian Manat
      ko: clf=Chilean Unidades de Fomento
      ko: xts=Testing Currency Code
      ko: uss=US Dollar (Same day)
      ko: usn=US Dollar (Next day)
      ko: xpt=Platinum
      ko: xpf=CFP Franc
      ko: xpd=Palladium
      ko: top=Tonga Pa¿?anga
      ko: csd=Serbian Dinar
      ko: xof=CFA Franc BCEAO
      ko: xxx=No Currency
      it: ghs=Ghana Cedi
      it: vef=Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte
      it: sdg=Sudanese Pound
      it: ron=Romanian Leu
      it: rsd=Serbian Dinar
      it: srd=Surinam Dollar
      it: mzn=Mozambique Metical
      it: xag=Silver
      it: azn=Azerbaijanian Manat
      it: try=New Turkish Lira
      it: xts=Testing Currency Code
      it: xpt=Platinum
      it: xpd=Palladium
      zh_TW: ghs=Ghana Cedi
      zh_TW: vef=Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte
      zh_TW: sdg=Sudanese Pound
      zh_TW: ron=Romanian Leu
      zh_TW: rsd=Serbian Dinar
      zh_TW: srd=Surinam Dollar
      zh_TW: mzn=Mozambique Metical
      zh_TW: xag=Silver
      zh_TW: azn=Azerbaijanian Manat
      zh_TW: xts=Testing Currency Code
      zh_TW: xpt=Platinum
      zh_TW: xpd=Palladium
      zh_TW: csd=Serbian Dinar
      zh_TW: xxx=No Currency
      zh_CN: ghs=Ghana Cedi
      zh_CN: vef=Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte
      zh_CN: sdg=Sudanese Pound
      zh_CN: ron=Romanian Leu
      zh_CN: rsd=Serbian Dinar
      zh_CN: mzn=Mozambique Metical
      zh_CN: azn=Azerbaijanian Manat
      ja: ghs=Ghana Cedi
      ja: vef=Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte
      ja: sdg=Sudanese Pound
      ja: ron=Romanian Leu
      ja: rsd=Serbian Dinar
      ja: zmk=Zambian Kwacha
      ja: srd=Surinam Dollar
      ja: mzn=Mozambique Metical
      ja: xag=Silver
      ja: azn=Azerbaijanian Manat
      ja: xts=Testing Currency Code
      ja: xpt=Platinum
      ja: xpd=Palladium
      ja: xxx=No Currency
      (LOCALE.ROOT: rsd=Serbian Dinar)
      1. For "rsd", it's missing in CurrencyNames.properties; so it's unlocalized in the 11 UI translation locales as well.
      2. For "csd" missed in de, sv, ko, and zh_TW, actually "rsd" replaced "csd" as the currency code for Serbian Dinar; so "csd" may not be used any more.
      3. The corresponding files are at jdk/src/share/classes/sun/util/resources/CurrencyNames[_locale].properties
      Updated the description to list all the missing Currency Name entries.


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