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32-bit cross-compile on 64-bit build host generates 64-bit data for awt/X11 leading to crash



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        The JDK build system is not currently set up to allow 32-bit builds on 64-bit build hosts - see 7153072. This also impacts a 32-bit cross-compilation build on a 64-bit build host. The problem is in the sun/xawt/Makefile where we compile and run the "sizers" program that generates the sizes.32 or sizes.64 data file for use by the Xawt code. Based on ARCH_DATA_MODEL the logic correctly determines whether it is building sizesr.32.c or sizers.64.c, and generates sizes.32 or sizes.64 accordingly. However sizers.c is compiled with the HOST_CC command and will be built using the default data model for the host compiler. So on 64-bit sizers.c.32 gets built as a 64-bit program and when run produces 64-bit values into the sizes.32 file eg:

         > more gensrc/sun/awt/X11/generator/sizes.32
        long 8
        int 4
        short 2
        ptr 8
        Bool 4
        Atom 8
        Window 8

        instead of

        long 4
        int 4
        short 2
        ptr 4
        Bool 4
        Atom 4
        Window 4

        These incorrect sizes cause incorrect address calculations to be used which typically leads to a SEGV

        >>> Problem is coming from XToolkit.setupModifiers:
        >>> 1741 try {
        >>> 1742 XModifierKeymap modmap = new XModifierKeymap(
        >>> 1743 XlibWrapper.XGetModifierMapping(getDisplay()));
        >>> 1744
        >>> 1745 int nkeys = modmap.get_max_keypermod();
        >>> 1746
        >>> 1747 long map_ptr = modmap.get_modifiermap();
        >>> map_ptr is invalid address and gets passed to Native.getUbyte, which passes it to
        >>> sun.misc.Unsafe.getByte - hence the SEGV.

        Any use of the HOST_CC command is potentially at risk here but fortunately this is the only case used when cross-compiling (the other case - in the NIO generators - is skipped when cross-compiling).


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