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build-infra: Check freetype correctness with AC_CHECK_LIB on all platforms



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      In libraries.m4 LIB_SETUP_FREETYPE we setup freetype handling. Getting freetype correct is a constant source of problem, mostly because freetype (and the boot-jdk) is typically the one thing that can't be automatically detected and must be provided by the user. Therefore this needs special attention.

      Torbjörn Granat recently added checks that tries to compile the freetype library. This is good! However, he did'nt get it to work on Windows, which is probably where it is needed most of all!

      He reported "AC_CHECK_LIB does not support use of cl.exe" but I don't think this is really the case, since we're doing AC_CHECK_LIB on lots of other places. However, it might need some extra care on Windows. It might also be related to the freetype.dll issues on Windows (soon to be reported in another bug).

      One of the most common mistakes on freetype on Windows is the mismatch between x86 and x86_64 bit versions (according to bug reports on the list, to me personally and according to own experience). This can most easily be detected by a proper compile with the correct compiler and flags. We really should do this.


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