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build-infra: Create final-images target



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      The new build system tried to make things easier, but along the way, some things instead got more complicated. One such issue is the location of the final image after a build.

      In the open, the jdk repo now puts images in <build-dir>/images/j2*-image. In an effort to move away from the overlay images of solaris 64bit, this image is always a full image. Instead the overlay image is put in <build-dir>/images/j2*-overlay-image.

      With the closed additions, we have deploy and install repos, both making changes to the images and to support effective incremental builds, we didn't want to allow these repos to pollute the same directories. Instead copies are made for each of them. So we have <build-dir>/deploy/j2*-image and <build-dir>/install/j2*-image. For a full closed release build on all platforms, the result can be found in the install dir. A debug build does not build install however, and so the result is found in the deploy dir, except for solaris 64bit, which doesn't build deploy and so there the image is found in the images/j2*-overlay-images dir.

      This is all more complicated than anyone would really like to know and to make things simpler, I would like to create a target "final-images" similar to the jprt specific "bundles" target, that copies the correct images to a new location that will always be the same, for all configurations. I propose <build-dir>/final-images/j2*-image.




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