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Null return from PrintJob.getGraphics() running closed/java/awt/PrintJob/HighResTest/HighResTest.java



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      Testsuite name:2d Regression
      Test name(s):closed/java/awt/PrintJob/HighResTest/HighResTest.java
      Product(s) tested:JDK 9 b40
      OS/architecture:win7 sp1 x64

      Error log file : http://aurora.ru.oracle.com/slot-gw/645463.ManualSubmit-1/workDir/closed/java/awt/PrintJob/HighResTest/HighResTest.jtr

      Reproducible: Always
      Reproducible on machine: Evergreen-machine
      [If Sometimes] Also reproducible on machine:

      Is it a Regression: Yes
      [If Regression] Regression introduced in release/build: b38 (JDK 9 b37/win7 sp1 X64:Pass, Bundle URL http://jre.us.oracle.com/java/re/jdk/9/promoted/ea/ )
      Test result on the last GAed release for this train: Pass (JDK 8u31 b10/win7 sp1 X64: Pass)
      [if Fail] Test result on FCS:

      Is it a platform specific issue: Yes(JDK 9 b40/oel6.4 uek x64:Pass
                                                            JDK 9 b40/mac 10.9 x64:Pass)
      [If platform specific issue] Is it a new (previously unsupported) OS/browser/mode testing: No
      [If new configuration testing] Issue specific to execution mode or OS/browser version:

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Download regression workspace from http://jre.us.oracle.com/java/re/jdk/9-jigsaw-m2/nightly/b40_2014-11-21-1021_1764/ws/jdk/test/ to C:/workspace/regression
      2. Install test bundle JDK9b40 (download from http://jre.us.oracle.com/java/re/jdk/9-jigsaw-m2/nightly/b40_2014-11-21-1021_1764/bundles/) to C:/Java/jdk1.9.0
      3. Install stable JDK7u45b18 (download from http://jre.us.oracle.com/java/re/jdk/7u45/promoted/fcs/b18/bundles/windows-x64/jdk-7u45-windows-x64.exe) to C:/Java/jdk1.7.0_45
      4. Download and unzip Jtreg from http://jre.us.oracle.com/java/re/jtreg/4.1/promoted/fcs/b08/bundles/jtreg_bin-4.1.zip locate at C:/workspace/regression
      5. Create the script regression.sh as follows and run it
       export JT_JAVA=C:/Java/jdk1.7.0_45
       C:/workspace/regression/jtreg/win32/bin/jtreg -v -m -ignore:quiet -jdk:C:/Java/jdk1.9.0 -r:C:/workspace/regression/results/reportDir -w:C:/workspace/regression/results/workDir C:/workspace/regression/test/closed/java/awt/PrintJob/HighResTest/HighResTest.java

      Case Instruction:
       Instructions will appear here. To be able to run this test it is required to have a default printer configured in your user environment. If no default printer exists, then test passes.
       There will be 2 print dialogs. The first dialog should show portrait as the selected orientation. The 2nd dialog should show landscape as the selected orientation.
       Visual inspection of the printed pages is needed. A passing test will print 2 pages in portrait and 2 pages in landscape. The pages have on the center of the page the text "Center" 2 rectangles will appear above and below it, the one below is filled.

      Actual behavior:
       This is only 1 print dialog popup. The dialog show portrait as the selected orientation.
         1.When Clicking 'OK' button of print dialog, the case failed automatically.
         2.We also tried this case with the same build without jtreg tool, it failed always like following :
            Click 'OK' button of print dialog,it throw java.lang.NullPointerException on terminal,refer to HighResTest.txt.


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