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PPC64: User-visible arch directory and os.arch value on ppc64le cause issues with Java tooling



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: P4
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 7-pool, 8-pool, 9
    • Fix Version/s: 9
    • Component/s: infrastructure
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        We're now seeing problems with Java tools on ppc64le as a result of this
        decision not to give it a distinct arch name.

        The os.arch property on both ppc64be and ppc64le builds of OpenJDK is being
        reported as the same; "ppc64". This leaves Java applications no way of
        determining which of the two platforms the JDK is running on and, for example,
        means that Maven can't determine which native JNI binaries to download.

        There is a sun.cpu.endian property but this is non-standard and it seems
        wrong to me that every Java tool should have to add a special case for
        ppc64le using such a property. This value is traditionally not so much
        just the architecture as a composite of the architecture, the bit size
        and the endianness. The only difference with other platforms is that they
        only support one default endianness so the value is implied e.g.
        little-endian for amd64, big-endian for sparc. We do distinguish between
        ppc and ppc64 rather than expecting tools to check sun.arch.data.model,
        so we should do the same with endianness.

        To add to the confusion, other JDKs are reporting it as ppc64le
        (thanks to Tiago Sturmer Daitx for these results):

        IBM Java 2.7 SR1
        os.arch: ppc64le
        sun.cpu.endian: little

        GCJ 4.8.2 (gij (GNU libgcj) version 4.8.2):
        os.arch: ppc64le
        sun.cpu.endian: null

        whereas OpenJDK gives:

        os.arch: ppc64
        sun.cpu.endian: little

        It also means that ppc64le is alone in not having a unique architecture
        directory in jre/lib. I understand that a ppc64le machine is not going
        to support ppc64be, but likewise amd64 is not going to support arm,
        yet they have unique arch directories.

        I've prepared a webrev which fixes the external facing architecture names,
        LIBARCH and os.name, while leaving the HotSpot build architecture, BUILDARCH,
        as it is, to avoid the duplication mentioned as a problem in the original


        This is against our IcedTea OpenJDK7-based HotSpot where we've been testing
        but it should still be applicable to the 9 HotSpot repositories. The JDK side
        is another issue and I suspect we'll need a completely different patch there
        to the one we have for 7.


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