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Gtk: Event Handling is broken, when using 'sloppyfocus' or 'followfocus' window focus mode in browser




      STEPS to Reproduce on Ubuntu:

      Change your focus mode:
      > gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences focus-mode 'sloppy'

      Open Ensemble in the browser
      - http://download.oracle.com/otndocs/products/javafx/2.2/samples/Ensemble/index.html#SAMPLES/Scenegraph/Events/Mouse Events
      - Drag the mouse over the *scene* (not the circles)
      - now, as you continue dragging, move the mouse over the circle

      EXPECTED RESULT: Nothing should happen, because the drag event should be delivered to the scene, the circle should stay where it is.
      RESULT / BUG: The circle receives the drag events and attaches to the mouse, as if the drag event is fired over it.

      This is not so noticable for mouse move events, but *breaks entirely any kind of Drag'n' Drop gestures*, because the D'n'D gesture relies heavely on event targets:
      Starts from a source node, end to a target node. When 'slopy mouse' is used, JavaFX changes the event target as soon as the mouse leaves the boundary of the source node!

      Note that there are some window managers that support only sloppy focus or the sloppy focus is the default choice
      Focus models used by X11 window managers
      aewm - focus follows pointer
      aewm++ - click to focus
      ahwm - click to focus, sloppy focus
      ctwm - click to focus, focus follows pointer, sloppy focus
      e16 - sloppy focus (default), focus follows pointer, click to focus
      evilwm - focus follows pointer
      flwm - sloppy focus
      Fluxbox - click to focus, focus follows pointer, sloppy focus
      fvwm - per window or window class: click to focus, focus follows pointer (default), sloppy focus, never focus (for windows that should never receive focus)
      karmen - click to focus
      lwm - click to focus, sloppy focus
      tinywm - sloppy focus
      whim - click to focus, sloppy focus
      windowlab - click to focus (with no autoraise)
      xfwm4 - click to focus, focus follows pointer, sloppy focus




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