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New modern theme for JavaFX (Modena)




      JavaFX currently has a default theme called "Caspian" all though caspian is only 3 years old in some ways it is looking dated now. Also there have been many new influences that have come along since that are effecting peoples opinions of what looks good. The proposed name for the new theme is "Modena" after the Italian city which is home of great cars and bike companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati.

      Goals of a new theme are:
         * Keep us looking current and modern
         * Make JavaFX look as good as they can from day one, with no extra work by developer.
         * Let developers choose between new theme and old or maybe even 3rd party themes.
      Secondary goals:
         * Make the transition as smooth as possible for people
         * Set president that we will change the default look of FX from Major version to Major version so we do not get stuck like we did with Swing looking super dated but unable to move forward. While still giving people the option to set a command line flag to go back to old look if they need (or want) to.
         * Create a single page with all UI Controls that can be used by SQE to maintain Modena looking the same over time.
         * Make sure the new skin is 100% theme-able. (ie. can change color scheme)
         * Make it simpler for people to create new themes
         * Simplify our default stylesheet, try to make it less than 3600 lines


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