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Crash in freetypescaler.c due to double free



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        A report on the 2D list :-

        The freeNativeResources function in freetypeScaler.c frees a pointer
        obtained from FreeType internals:

        > stream = scalerInfo->face->stream;
        > FT_Done_Face(scalerInfo->face);
        > ...snip...
        > if (stream != NULL) {
        > free(stream);
        > }

        This is done in order to free a FT_StreamRec that Java allocates in some
        cases when initialising the native scaler. However, the current approach
        is wrong because:

        - FT_Done_Face will itself also free the face->stream pointer, if
           that memory was allocated by FreeType itself instead of by Java.
        - FT_FaceRec.stream is explicitly noted to be a private field in
           FreeType documentation.

        With the way Java uses FreeType, FT ends up allocating the FT_StreamRec
        structure in Java's Type 1 font case. As a result we've been observing
        JVM crashes due to a double free when:
        - a java.awt.Font is constructed from Type 1 font data
        - it becomes garbage
        - the associated FreetypeFontScaler is disposed

        The attached FontDisposeTest.java can demonstrate the crash. Pass the
        path to a Type 1 font file as argument and it will load the font and
        force native scaler disposal. If memory allocation debugging is not
        active by default, it can be forced on by setting an environment
        variable 'MALLOC_CHECK_=3' (glibc, for Windows see PageHeap).
        A Type 1 font file can be found from Ghostscript

        FreeType records whether the pointer in FT_FaceRec.stream was allocated
        externally or by itself in the FT_FaceRec.face_flags field. However the
        documentation for FT_FACE_FLAG_EXTERNAL_STREAM says

        > Used internally by FreeType to indicate that a face's stream was provided by the client application and should not be destroyed when FT_Done_Face is called. Don't read or test this flag.

        Therefore Java should maintain it's own copy of the stream pointer so it
        can know with certainty what memory it needs to free, if any.

        Attached are patches to fix the bug in jdk8u and jdk9. I've added a
        field `faceStream` to the FTScalerInfo struct to keep track of the
        Java-allocated stream.


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