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(tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2018c



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        [Tue Jan 23 21:47:35 UTC 2018]

        The 2018c release of the tz code and data is available. It follows on
        the 2018a and 2018b releases, which were published but were not
        announced until now, due to problems discovered late in their release
        processes. 2018a had a build-failure typo, and 2018a and 2018b both had
        problems with ICU and Java, downstream packages which do not support a
        feature (negative DST offsets) used in 2018a and 2018b. The typo has
        been fixed, and data changes using negative DST offsets have been
        reverted pending development of a mechanism to export data to platforms
        lacking support for such data.

        The 2018a through 2018c releases reflect the following changes, which
        were either circulated on the tz mailing list or are relatively minor
        technical or administrative changes. This announcement has merged the
        set of changes made by the three releases, to make it easier to see the
        difference between 2017c and 2018c; please see the 2018c NEWS file for
        more details about intermediate versions.

        Release 2018c - 2018-01-22 23:00:44 -0800
        Release 2018b - 2018-01-17 23:24:48 -0800
        Release 2018a - 2018-01-12 22:29:21 -0800

           São Tomé and Príncipe switched from +00 to +01.
           Brazil's DST will now start on November's first Sunday.
           Use Debian-style installation locations, instead of 4.3BSD-style.
           New zic option -t.

           Changes to past and future time stamps

             São Tomé and Príncipe switched from +00 to +01 on 2018-01-01 at
             01:00. (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen and Michael Deckers.)

           Changes to future time stamps

             Starting in 2018 southern Brazil will begin DST on November's
             first Sunday instead of October's third Sunday. (Thanks to
             Steffen Thorsen.)

           Changes to past time stamps

             Japanese DST transitions (1948-1951) were Sundays at 00:00, not
             Saturdays or Sundays at 02:00. (Thanks to Takayuki Nikai.)

             A discrepancy of 4 s in timestamps before 1931 in South Sudan has
             been corrected. The 'backzone' and 'zone.tab' files did not agree
             with the 'africa' and 'zone1970.tab' files. (Problem reported by
             Michael Deckers.)

             The abbreviation invented for Bolivia Summer Time (1931-2) is now
             BST instead of BOST, to be more consistent with the convention
             used for Latvian Summer Time (1918-9) and for British Summer Time.

           Changes to build procedure

             The default installation locations have been changed to mostly
             match Debian circa 2017, instead of being designed as an add-on to
             4.3BSD circa 1986. This affects the Makefile macros TOPDIR,
             TZDIR, MANDIR, and LIBDIR. New Makefile macros TZDEFAULT, USRDIR,
             USRSHAREDIR, BINDIR, ZDUMPDIR, and ZICDIR let installers tailor
             locations more precisely. (This responds to suggestions from
             Brian Inglis and from Steve Summit.)

             The default installation procedure no longer creates the
             backward-compatibility link US/Pacific-New, which causes
             confusion during user setup (e.g., see Debian bug 815200).
             Use 'make BACKWARD="backward pacificnew"' to create the link
             anyway, for now. Eventually we plan to remove the link entirely.

             tzdata.zi now contains a version-number comment.
             (Suggested by Tom Lane.)

             The Makefile now quotes values like BACKWARD more carefully when
             passing them to the shell. (Problem reported by Zefram.)

             Builders no longer need to specify -DHAVE_SNPRINTF on platforms
             that have snprintf and use pre-C99 compilers. (Problem reported
             by Jon Skeet.)

             The build procedure now works around mawk 1.3.3's lack of support
             for character class expressions. (Problem reported by Ohyama.)

           Changes to code

             zic has a new option -t FILE that specifies the location of the
             file that determines local time when TZ is unset. The default for
             this location can be configured via the new TZDEFAULT makefile
             macro, which defaults to /etc/localtime.

             Diagnostics and commentary now distinguish UT from UTC more
             carefully; see theory.html for more information about UT vs UTC.

             zic has been ported to GCC 8's -Wstringop-truncation option.
             (Problem reported by Martin Sebor.)

           Changes to documentation and commentary

             The zic man page now documents the longstanding behavior that
             times and years can be out of the usual range, with negative times
             counting backwards from midnight and with year 0 preceding year 1.
             (Problem reported by Michael Deckers.)

             The theory.html file now mentions the POSIX limit of six chars
             per abbreviation, and lists alphabetic abbreviations used.

             The files tz-art.htm and tz-link.htm have been renamed to
             tz-art.html and tz-link.html, respectively, for consistency with
             other file names and to simplify web server configuration.

        Here are links to the release files:


        Links are also available via plain HTTP, and via FTP
        fromftp://ftp.iana.org/tz/releases with the same basenames as above.


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