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Suppress superficial unstable_if traps



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    • Affects Version/s: 19
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      This is a follow-up of JDK-8286104.

      A unstable if trap is *trivial* if it can NOT prune any code, or the pruned basic block is too small to compensate its cost.
      A unstable if trap is *superficial* if it can NOT prune any code. Sometimes, the else-section of program is empty. The superficial unstable_if traps not only complicate code shape but also consume codecache. we have to generate debuginfo for them. By definition, speculative compilation can't take any benefit from superficial unstable_if. If the condition changed, HotSpot has to destroy the established nmethod and compile it again. Even though it's likely that the recompilation will avoid "superficial" unstable_if traps, there's no guarantee. It's up to profiling data.

      eg. foo() generates a trivial unstable_if the else branch, even though it's empty.

      public class TrivialUnstableIfTrap {
          public static void main(String[] args) {
              for (int i = 0; i < 20_000; ++i) {
                  foo(true, 1000);
              foo(false, 1000);
          public static int foo(boolean cond, int value) {
              int x = 0;
              if (cond) {
                  x = Integer.valueOf(value);
              return x;

      It's possible to determine that an uncommon_trap is superficial in parser. A uncommon_trap which does cut out some code leave at least one basic block unmerged. C2 parser skips those 'unmerged' blocks because it treats them as dead paths. We can bookkeep all unstable_if traps with their target blocks. If the target block is parsed in parser, then the unstable_if trap is superficial. We can suppress those superficial unstable_if traps.




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