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JMC Template Manager manipulates events settings and controls in a jfc file



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 8.0.0, 8.1.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Mission Control Client
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      JMC Template Manager removes control attributes and changes the event settings (values) in a JFC file, without the user explicitly changing the setting/values.

      A JFC file maps control options for event settings through control attribute, for example

      Control Attribute for Event

      <event name="jdk.Compilation">
       <setting name="enabled" control="compiler-enabled">true</setting>
       <setting name="threshold" control="compiler-compilation-threshold">100 ms</setting>

       Control Definition

      <selection name="compiler" default="detailed" label="Compiler">
       <option label="Off" name="off">off</option>
       <option label="Normal" name="normal">normal</option>
       <option label="Detailed" name="detailed">detailed</option>
       <option label="All" name="all">all</option>
      <condition name="compiler-enabled" true="false" false="true">
       <test name="compiler" operator="equal" value="off"/>
      <condition name="compiler-enabled-failure" true="true" false="false">
       <test name="compiler" operator="equal" value="detailed"/>
       <test name="compiler" operator="equal" value="all"/>
      <condition name="compiler-sweeper-threshold" true="0 ms" false="100 ms">
       <test name="compiler" operator="equal" value="all"/>

      When a JFC file is imported to JMC and opened using the steps given below, then the control attributes definitions get deleted

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Import the jfc file attached from Template Manager
      2. Select the Template and click edit, the Template option interface will be shown for the first time
      3. click on the button "Advanced" and Template Event details interface will be opened,
      4. Click OK
      5. Now Edit, or Export this file again, the control options will be missing in the JFC/template. 
      6. The diff of imported and exported jfc files will give the summary of the manipulations done to the JFC file by JMC

      Changes to Event Settings





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