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TextArea.preferredSize(rows, cols) doesn't allocate extra room for scrollbars



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    • solaris_2.4, solaris_2.5
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      TextArea.preferredSize(int rows, int cols) returns a result that doesn't take the size of the TextArea's scrollbars into account. Hence reshaping to the returned size gives you a TextArea with room for fractionally fewer rows and columns than you asked for.

      The description field as copied from bug report 1236911 follows:

      >From: Garth Allen Dickie <###@###.###>
      This does not look like form output to me.

      Hi, I am using the JDK beta 2 for Solaris 2.4. When I
      construct a TextArea component with rows=n, only n-1 rows
      of text are visible. If I create TextArea component with
      rows=1, then only part of the row is visible.

      Garth A. Dickie
      <Jim Hagen> I've constructed the example below to demostrate this.
      mport java.awt.*;

      public class T3169 extends Frame
        Panel panel;
        TextArea t;

        int windowWidth = 200;
        int windowHeight = 150;

        public T3169(String args[])
          super("Bug Report 3169");

          panel = new Panel();
          t = new TextArea("This Text is not fully displayed", 1,15);
          add("South", panel);

          resize(windowWidth, windowHeight);

        public static void main(String args[])
          new T3169(args);

      The description field as copied from bug report 1235284 follows:

      To followup on this bug, please contact ###@###.###
      This code example adds 2 fields and a TextArea to a Panel. Not exactly what I'd do but it should work. The problem is relatively minor- unless you're trying to type on the last line of the TextArea, since the last line is not visible and the second-to-last is only partly visible.
      This one comes from a customer.
       _____Begin Customer Data_____
      What happens: In the attached program, a TextArea is added to a panel and
      the panel is added to the frame. A List is added below the panel. Note
      that the bottom anchor of the TextArea is obscured by the List; changing
      the size of the visible part of the list has no effect.

      Thanks for looking into this!

      Robert Uomini
      >From: ###@###.### (Robert Uomini)
      _____End Customer Data_____
      In the code below I have removed the List for clarity- the bottom of the TextArea is still not visible even without any other objects added to the panel after it.
      _____Begin test code_____

      import java.awt.*;

      public class BugReportv extends Frame
        Panel panel1;

        TextArea textarea;

        List list;

        Label label1;
        Label label2;

        TextField text1;
        TextField text2;

        int windowWidth = 450;
        int windowHeight = 700;

        public BugReportv(String args[])
          super("Bug Reportv.JimmiChangedME");

          panel1 = new Panel();

          label1 = new Label("Label1:");
          label1.setFont(new Font("Courier", Font.BOLD, 14));

          text1 = new TextField("text1", 32);

          label2 = new Label("Label2:");
          label2.setFont(new Font("Courier", Font.BOLD, 14));

          text2 = new TextField("text2", 32);

          textarea = new TextArea(30, 50);
          add("Center", panel1);

          //list = new List(10, false);
          //add("South", list);

          resize(windowWidth, windowHeight);

        public static void main(String args[])
          new BugReportv(args);


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