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fonts not rendered in proper point size --> they appear too small



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      Currently fonts are not rendered in the proper point size requested -- they
      are typically much smaller than they should be. The AWT is making the assumption
      that 1 point = 1 pixel and using the point size as the direct pixel height
      for the font, which is incorrect on most displays.

      hans.hrasna@East 1997-04-17
      Customer is experiencing strange behavior relative to font sizes on Windows '95. The Courier and Helvetica (translated as Ariel) fonts are being rendered at 75% of the size requested by the program.

      For example, setting a 16-point font results in text actually rendered at 12-point; setting a 12-point font results in text actually rendered at 9 point; setting a 10-point results in text rendered at 7.5 point.

      Name: krT82822 Date: 05/17/99

      Since Java has been available for the Windows platform, this has
      been a serious problem! It continues with Java 2 / Swing 1.1.1.
      Java does not honor the settings for System fonts, including the
      name, size and styling of menu fonts. Also, font sizes used by
      Java result in fonts that are very very tiny compared to the
      same font sizes used by native Windows apps. With Java
      applications that allow changing font sizes, very large sizes are
      required to get the equivelent of "normal" font sizes. For
      example, Ariel 10 on Ms Word looks the right size. One must
      select Ariel 24 (estimated) on a Java app to get a similiar
      sized font.

      The end result are applications that are extremely difficult to
      use, particularly when the font size is not changable.

      PLEASE NOTE: I've reported this bug over a year ago and nothing
      has been done about it. If you are unwilling to address this bug
      in a timely manner, please direct me to someone in your
      organization that is able to get this fixed!

      1. Execute any Java application using AWT or Swing - any version.

      2. N/A

      3. None

      4. None

      java -version
      java version "1.2.1"
      Classic VM (build JDK-1.2.1-A, native threads)
      java -fullversion
      java.exe full version "JDK-1.2.1-A"

      6. Windows NT 4.0 Sp 4.
      ATI Xpert@work video card.
      1280x1024 large fonts.
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