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Add GetList to ComboModel(Speed up Large LookupList)



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      Name: mc57594 Date: 01/11/2000

      java version "1.3beta"
      Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.3beta-O)
      Java(TM) HotSpot Client VM (build 1.3beta-O, mixed mode)

      Need a way to speed up load of displayLists in JComboboxes.

      We have some Lookup's that are in the order of 20,000 elements.
      The load of the List takes in the order of 10 seconds(200MHz PPro).
      The time is spent copying the display list.

      Add the following method(s) to ComboModel

          List getDisplayList()
      This means that the ComboModel controls the DisplayList used by
      the UI delegate.

      Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 23:17:24 -0600 (EST)
      From: JR Andreassen <###@###.###>
      To: chamness <###@###.###>
      Subject: Re: (Review ID: 99799) Add GetList to ComboModel(Speed up Large LookupList)

      First off, let me say thanks for responding. I appriciate
      you guy's taking the time to look my/our issue.

      OK... Here it is.
         We make Data-Entry applications which often contain
      a lot of Lookups. The problem is that the content of the
      lookups is not static. We load the LKUP Tables from a
      JDBC source and put them into our own list/vectors that are
      referenced by the ComboModel.
       The problem arrises when we load a "new"/Cloned panel.
      The UI delegate(BasicCombo) Synchronizes the "Display" list.
      In essence it creating a new list(more or less a dup) of the
      one we have in the ComboModel.
        That's just fine when the lists are small. But when they are
      in the order of thousands, it takes a while.

       So, what I propose is that the UI delegate should ask the
      ComboModel for the List, thus saving the whole copy procedure.
      You can make the method return null by default and do it
      the "Old-Fashion" way. Or as in our case, we would give you a
      valid List, all ready-to-go..

       On 1.3(or 1.2.3), I am using it.. It's concidderably faster.
      The hot-spot makes a huge difference.
      I'm anxiousely(sp?) awaiting the release.
      But, 1.3 doesn't solve the problem though, it's still too slow.

        Thanks again

      (Review ID: 99799)


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