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Lower Versions of java cannot handle piggibacked FIN.



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      IBN Global Services is implementing a Web solution for AT&T.

      They are using Weblogic servers running on two Sun E5500 (2.6). The Web
      traffic used to be load balanced using Cisco Local Directors. Weblogic
      4.1.5 is using jdk 1.1.7_08A.

      They have replaced the Cisco Local Directors with Alteon switches.

      Alteon Switches use heartbeats for sensing the availability of the
      Weblogic servers. Alteon Switch does a "Crunched" TCP connection to the
      WebLogic port for the heartbeat. The TCP connection is followed similar
      to Transactional TCP. The switch sends a SYN packet and expects a
      SYN+ACK. The it sends a ACK +FIN (piggy backing the FIN on the ACK
      packet) expecting FIN+ACK. So the entire heart beat is done with 4
      packets instead of usual 6 packets used in TCP handshake. (SYN, SYN+ACK,
      ACK, FIN, FIN+ACK, ACK). This happens once every 2 seconds.

      Here IBM Global Services has encountered with a problem. Weblogic Server
      when using JDK 1.1.7_08a does not respond to the Piggybacked FIN packet.
      the Altheon switch , before sending the next heartbeat, as it has not received the FIN in the previous heartbeat, Altheon switch first sends a RST on the previous socket address before commencing on the next heartbeat. This RST creates an IDLE socket on the sun machine. Once the number of these IDLE
      sockets reaches to 1023 the process starves on File Descriptors and

      When 1.3 is used instead of 1.1.7_08A as JDK for Weblogic, then
      everthing is fine and rosey. We see a FIN response from the sunserver
      for the piggybacked FIN from alteon switch and the problem does not

      Other products running on these machines (iPlanet's LDAP datbase and
      Apache web server) don't have this problem. All of them respond back with

      Customer cannot use 1.3 because it would take 4 months for them to
      rewirite their product to be compatible with 1.3.

      Customer needs a "fix" for this RFE, so that 1.1.7_08A knows how to deal
      with piggybacked FIN.

      ES Analysis:

      The following files can be found at


      weblogic_j11_pkts -> snoop when using Java 1.1.8_13
      weblogic_j13_pkts. -> snoop when using Java 1.3
      truss_13 -> truss when using Java 1.3
      truss_118 -> truss when using Java 118
      netstat_j118 -> Netstat -an when using java 118


      The server's ip is listening on port 8030. There are two
      switches doing the health checks.. and

      The following is the output from the failed Weblogic server:
              at sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPTransport.newListener(Compiled Code)
              at sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPTransport.run(Compiled Code)
              at java.lang.Thread.run(Compiled Code)




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