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org.ietf.jgss server program takes too long to exit



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    • 1.4.0
    • 1.4.0
    • security-libs
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    • x86, sparc
    • solaris_8, windows_98, windows_nt
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      I ran the basic Client/Server programs in the first chapter of the GSS
      tutorial "Use of JavaTM GSS-API for Secure Message Exchanges Without JAAS Programming" in


      I took out the while-loop so that the program will exit after serving one
      client. It took approximately 11 minutes for the JVM to exit. You can
      replicate the probem using the example in the tutorial but with the
      loop taken out or use the attachment tar file. It also includes the
      script to automatically fire up the server and the client programs.

      The following is the log from running the script:


      %date ; server ; date
      Fri May 18 11:47:03 PDT 2001
      Compiling ...
      For login use: sampleServer and the password is: bogus
      Waiting for incoming connection...
      Got connection from client /
      Will read input token of size 455 for processing by acceptSecContext
      Kerberos username [rogerp]: sampleServer
      Kerberos password for sampleServer: bogus
      Will send token of size 106 from acceptSecContext.
      Context Established! Client is ###@###.###
      Server is ###@###.###
      Mutual authentication took place!
      Will read token of size 61
      Received data "Hello There!" of length 13
      Confidentiality applied: true
      Will send MIC token of size 37
      Closing connection with client /
      Server program is done at: Fri May 18 11:47:34 PDT 2001
      Fri May 18 11:57:33 PDT 2001


      BTW, the same behavior occurs on Solaris, Win98 and WinNT. On Solaris
      you can do Crtl-BackSlash to get a dump of where the server program
      is hanging.

      Eventually the JVM do quit but this is not acceptable for JCK testing
      because we can't wait that long for each test to quit. Moreover, the
      nature of our testing requires that server program to be brought up
      then down on a constant basis.




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