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SunTEA is not working on Netscape6.1 even hit reload key.



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      Netscape6.1 06-22-2001 build on S7, S8 and S9.

      1. Launched sunweb.central.
      2. Selected Desktop applications -> SunTea. Hit reload key. Waiting for SunTea
      pop-up window.
      3. There was no SunTea pop up window.

      Tested with JRE 1.3.1, and it worked. Seems to be a Java bug. Re-assign to Java group.
      Expected result: SunTea window should pop up.

      1. Launched sun.net.
      2. Selected SunTea.
      3. Two pages come up. One contained messages "Error: The requested item could
      not be loaded by the proxy...". One contained information of SunTea. Selected
      Choice 1. SunTea loading page came up. Hit reload key. Waiting for SunTea pop-up
      4. There was no SunTea pop up window.

      Expected result: There should have no "Error:...." page come up. SunTea pop-up
      window should come up.

      joe.chou@eng 2001-07-27
      Tested it again, and found a work around, which may also provide some clue to the problem. The work around is: either simply type SunTea URL in the location to go there directly, or go through Sunweb.central -> Desk Applications -> SunTea -> Web page: SunTEApage. Either way, it should work. On the other hand, it would hang if go through Sunweb.central -> Desk Applications -> SunTEA -> Access: Americas.

      ###@###.### 2001-08-28
      According to the documentation of OJI, we should not need to modify the SunTEA webpage to include the Plug-In information for EMBED, OBJECT, etc.

      SunTEA works correctly with Netscape 6.1 for Windows.

      SunTEA over Sun.Net is a different beast. Sun.Net has a tendency to not correctly download the JAR files. Sun.Net is the problem in this case and not SunTEA itself.


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