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JDWP command EventRequest.ClearAllBreakpoints returns unknown error



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      Name: elR10090 Date: 12/11/2001

      Ivan Popov <###@###.###>

      The following testbase_nsk JDWP tests


      failed against JDK 1.4.0-rc1-b89 on all platforms except Windows.

      These tests exercise JDWP EventRequest.ClearAllBreakpoints command
      when no active breakpoint event requests exist.

      The JDWP spec for this command says:

          ClearAllBreakpoints Command (3)

              Removes all set breakpoints.

          Out Data

          Reply Data

          Error Data
          VM_DEAD The virtual machine is not running.

      Both tests try to send command packet with this command while no
      active breakpoint requests exists. The first test (clrallbreakp002)
      does not make any request at all and the second test (clrallbreakp003)
      removes all existing breakpoint requests just before sending the
      command. In both cases a reply packet with error code is received
      from debuggee. Particular error code depends on the test platform:

          Platform Error code
          Linux/i386 8
          Solaris/x86 2816
          Solaris/sparc 32-bit 27224
          Solaris/sparc 64-bit 14336
          Windows no error

      None of these error codes is documented in the JPDA spec.

      Following is citation from the test log (on Solaris/sparc 32-bit):

      >>> Testing JDWP command

      Create command packet: EventRequest.ClearAllBreakpoints
          no out data
        ... command packet created
      Sending command packet:
      Packet header (11 bytes):
          0000 (length) : 0x0000000b (11)
          0004 (id) : 0x00000005 (5)
          0008 (flags) : 0x00 (0)
          0009 (cmd set): 0x0f (15)
          000a (command): 0x03 (3)
      Entire packet (11 bytes):
          0000: 00 00 00 0b 00 00 00 05 00 0f 03 ...........
      Packet end
        ... command packet sent

      Waiting for reply packet
        ... reply packet received:
      Packet header (11 bytes):
          0000 (length) : 0x0000000b (11)
          0004 (id) : 0x00000005 (5)
          0008 (flags) : 0x80 (-128)
          000a (error) : 0x6a58 (27224)
      Entire packet (11 bytes):
          0000: 00 00 00 0b 00 00 00 05 80 6a 58 .........jX
      Packet end

      Checking header of reply packet
      # ERROR: Wrong header of reply packet for tested command:
      # ERROR: Unexpected error code in reply packet header: 0x6a58 (27224)

      Please note that another test (clrallbreakp001 test), checking
      the same command with existing active breakpoint request, passes.

      These tests will appear in the next release of testbase_nsk
      located here:


      To reproduce the bug run 'doit.sh' script located here:

          /net/sqesvr.sfbay/export/vsn/GammaBase/Bugs/<this bug number>

          sh doit.sh $JAVA_HOME
          $JAVA_HOME: points to JDK 1.4-b89





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