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REGRESSION: RSA Security popup dialog box is ignoring Tab key events on Solaris



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      Build: Hopper B08/B09/Nightly
      JRE Version: 1.4.1
      Location: /java/re/jdk/1.4.1/promoted/beta/<build number>/solaris-i586
      Platform: Solaris x86
      OS: Solaris 2.7/2.8
      Browser: Netscape 4.x/6.x

      The RSA security popup dialog box seem to be ignoring the Tab key events
      (actually any key events).
      But this does not hold true for the first RSA popup that you try it on (in a browser session).
      Say if there are 2 popups invoked by a TestCase.
      On the first one, it is able to handle the key events.
      But when the second one pops up, it seems to ignore the same events.


      1) Install JRE
      2) Set NPX_PLUGIN_PATH <jre>/plugin/sparc/ns4
         (not required for NS6).
      3) Invoke Browser
      4) Load URL http://sqesvr.sfbay.sun.com/deployment1/ws/doc/proc/JPI_RSA.html
      5) Click on the Verisign Test Case.
      6) It will invoke Plugin and then invoke the security Box.
      7) Click on this window. and hold down Ctrl key
          and click on Tab key 4-5 times . you will see the tab give focus
         to one of the buttons.
      8) Release the Ctrl key.
      9) click on the Space key
         The dialog will disappear. (result of test is immaterial).

      So far everything is fine.

      10) Now click on the Thwate Test Case
      11) It will invoke the Security Box again.
      12) Repeat stpes (6 -9)

      Nothing happens. It looks like the key events are not getting processed.

      This behaviour does not occur or Win32 or Solaris-sparc or Linux
      Very specific to Solaris x86
      The priority/severtiy is high on this bug, as it is a Test blocker.

      ###@###.### 2002-04-18
      Change the release information from merlin to hopper

      ###@###.### 2002-04-19
      Added REGRESSION to synopsis
      This bug is only in Hopper not in Merlin




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