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[Fmt-Me] I18N design change required for correct handling of apostrophe characters



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      Our Java development uses ResourceBundle to separate language specific
      content from Java sources, and MessageFormat to express dynamic
      (parametrized) messages. Furthermore, we are using formatting
      patterns as specified in the MessageFormat API.

      Our translation workflow feeds property files into a translation
      system, which is used by employees of external agencies to translate
      texts on a line-by-line basis. This way, all our texts get translated
      into many languages. Needless to say, that these translators are no
      (Java) programmers. They are directed to simply pass all formatting
      content (like a {0} argument) through to their target language variant.
      At the output side of the translation system, these target variants
      are again stored in property files.

      Both - MessageFormat and ResourceBundle - rely on entries, that are
      stored in property files. However, certain characters are treated
      differently, depending on their use. For example, the apostrophe (')
      character must be duplicated in a property file, to be visible in a
      text (C''est la vie). On the other hand, a single apostrophe is also
      valid, if used in the context of a format pattern.

      A translator usually can't know this rule, since it is specific to
      Java. In fact, he can't even adapt to it, since he can never be sure,
      that a given line belongs to a Java program. Actually, there is
      sophisticated technology (translation memories / proposal pools) built
      into a translation system, that should relief translators from translating
      the same text over and over again. However, since Java''s texts would
      always look slightly different than those of other programming languages,
      this technology would not be of much help anymore.

      This is a rather important issue, since in languages like French, the
      apostrophe is a frequently used character. In contrast to English, the
      apostrophe in French cannot be replaced by a more elaborate notation.

      I'm writing this message, since we are probably not the only ones who
      fully separate translation from development. I would be interested
      to learn, how other parties handle this problem, or how to proceed
      on this I18N issue.


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