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RH9:commit Japanese characters from the candidate window causes application hang



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        Tested OS : RedHat9.0
        Tested JDK build : Tiger b14

        Trying to commit Japanese characters from the candidate selection window for the conversion on the java application, the application somtimes hangs up; no response from IM.
        When it works well, there is a response from IM and the application windows is activated. When this problem occurs, the application windows isn't activated.

        To reproduce,

        1)Launch Notepad demo
        2)Hit shift + space key and input some Japanese characters.
        3)Hit space key for two times to open the candidate selection window.
        4)Hit space key for some times to select the word to be converted.
        5)Hit enter key to commit the selection.

        Then, you can see the problem.
        If you can't reproduce it with 1 trial, please try the steps for some times.
        * The problem occurs intermittedly, so you may need to try the steps for some times.

        1)I tried the test with the 2 suggested workaround for RH9.0;
         - SET LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1
         - rpm -i --replacefiles libc_hack.rpm

         This bug occurs also with the workarounds.
         (Withoug these two workarounds this bug occurs and VM abort also occurs)

        2) This bug start to occur from b13.
           This is not reproducible with Mantis FCS, 1.4.2_01 and the Tiger builds before b12.

        3) This bug is not reproducible on RH8.0

        4) I saw this bug occurs on some test cases as below;

           - Demos : Notepad, Stylepad
           - Plugin application with Swing and AWT text component
             The problem is reproducible on Swing text component(no response on AWT text component and can't input any characters)
           - AWT : TextField, TextArea

        * This is the problem on RH9, but Bugtraq doesn't have RH9 for OS_Version on Customer Call inforamtion, so I put redhat8 for now.


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