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Dragging a frame using Robot is not working properly on Multi-mon setup, Solaris + xinerama



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      I have a Multi-monitor setup running Solaris9 + Xinerama having 2 monitors connected to 2 diff frame buffers (Platform Information given under comments section). I am clicking on a frame on the primary monitor and dragging it to the other monitor using Robot (created with def constructor). It works fine. Once the dragging is completed, I am clicking inside the frame manually. After that, I can not bring back the mouse to the primary monitor and it always stays within the secondary. I had to logout and login again in order to bring the mouse back to the primary monitor. This is incorrect.

      This is reproducible only on Solaris9 + xinerama, right from 1.4. On linux + xinerama, there is a different bug where the mouse can not be dragged to the seondary monitor and it just stays at the periphery of the primary monitor (5097723). This works perfectly fine on win32.

      I have attached a sample test. Execute the sample test on Sol9 + xinerama.
      1. You would see 2 frames within the primary monitor.
      2. Wait till the image is loaded on one of the frames.
      3. Click on the 'Capture' button on one of the frames.
      4. You will see the other frame being dragged to secondary monitor.
      5. Once the dragging stops, click on the frame or on any native app in secondary mon.
      6. Try moving the mouse to the primary monitor.
      If the mouse does not come to primary monitor and stops at the periphery of the secondary monitor, the bug is reproduced.
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