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JCK-runtime-15: -server -Xcomp flags causes failures in api/java_net/URI/



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      -server and -Xcomp flags when used in combination cause 3 failures in the api/java_net/URI/ suite on Win2000pro

      Harware Used:Pentium 4 2.4GHz, 1024 MB RAM

      Steps to reproduce
      - Setup testrun file for creation of work directory and include in the OPTIONS attribute the flags -server and -Xcomp
      - Execute the command to create the workDir
      - Execute the run.sh in the workDir, and run the JCK-runtime-15 testsuite
      - After execution there are 3 failures seen in the api/java_net/URI/ category

      This is also reproduceable manually
      -the JCK testbase can be found at /net/latte.ireland/export/home4/jck/JCK-runtime-15/
      -set CLASSPATH to the classes folder in the JCK-runtime-15 folder
      -use the java.exe in the jdk1.5.0_x folder not the default installed jre java.exe to execute the following command:
      c:\progra~1\java\jdk1.5.0_02\bin\java.exe -server -Xcomp -Djavatest.security.allowPropertiesAccess=true -Xfuture -classpath Z:\jck\JCK-runtime-15\classes -Djava.security.policy=Z:\jck\JCK-runtime-15\lib\jck.policy javasoft.sqe.tests.api.java.net.URI.CtorTests -TestCaseID ALL

      The following out is seen:

      URI0001: Passed. OKAY
      URI0002: Passed. OKAY
      URI0003: Passed. OKAY
      URI2001: Passed. OKAY
      URI2002: Passed. OKAY
      URI2003: Passed. OKAY
      URI2004: Failed. unexpected java.net.URISyntaxException: Expected IPv4 address at index 17: ftp://[1234:2345::ABCD]:1234/dir/file#ABC with ftp://[1234:2345::ABCD]:1234/dir/file#ABC
      URI2005: Passed. OKAY
      URI2006: Passed. OKAY
      URI2007: Passed. OKAY
      URI2008: Passed. OKAY
      URI2009: Passed. OKAY
      URI2010: Passed. OKAY
      URI2011: Passed. OKAY
      URI2012: Passed. OKAY
      URI2013: Failed. Unexpected: java.net.URISyntaxException: Malformed IPv6 address at index 7: abc://[::0001]/home/root#Xwith (abc,::0001,/home/root,X)
      URI2014: Passed. OKAY
      URI2015: Failed. Unexpected: java.net.URISyntaxException: Expected IPv4 address at index 20: abc://me@[0001:ABCD::0001]/home/root?a=b;x=ywith (abc,me@[0001:ABCD::0001],/home/root,a=b;x=y,null)
      URI2016: Passed. OKAY
      STATUS:Failed.test cases: 19; passed: 16; failed: 3; first test case failure: URI2004

      I have attached the jtr files of the failing testcases

      If the -server flag or the -Xcomp flag are removed in the interview the testcases that have errors will pass


      ###@###.### 2005-1-18 13:28:12 GMT


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