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REG: Transfer of translucent images across JVM through sys clipboard distorts the image, XToolkit



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      I am creating a buffered image of type TYPE_INT_ARGB and rendering a rectangle into it at the center. I have implemented my own transferable and I have copied the image into the system clipboard. I am opening another application in a separate JVM and getting all the supported data flavors for the transferable object available in the system clipboard.

      On XToolkit, I am getting 5 data flavors as supported - image/gif, image/jpg, image/png, image/x-png and java Image object. For the first 4 data flavors, the representation class is an input stream. I am using all these flavors and trying to read the image from the input stream using ImageIO. When I use the GIF flavor, the output image is not same as what was copied and it is totally different.

      This is reproducible on JDK6-b59d with XToolkit. This is not reproducible on Tiger-FCS and JDK6-b36 on XToolkit, where GIF flavor is not returned as supported. This is not reproducible on Win32 (only java image flavor is returned). Hence this is a regression introduced somewhere in-between b37 to b59d. This is seen only for translucent images and not seen for opaque images. I reproduced it on SolSparc10-JDS and SuSE10.

      I have attached 2 tests - one transmitter and one receiver. Run the app - ImageTransferTest on one JVM. A frame would appear with an image and 2 buttons. Click on the 'Copy' button. Open another JVM and run 'ImageTransferReceiverTest'. Click on the 'Paste' button (Make sure source app is also running). 5 images will be loaded on to the receiver frame. If the first image is different from the rest, the bug is reproduced.


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