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HotSpot VM Error 10 - SIGBUS - is occurring



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    • 1.4.2_06
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      Synopsis :
      HotSpot VM Error 10 - SIGBUS - is occurring

      Description :

      It is reported by customer that jvm is crashing and Error : "HotSpot Virtual Machine Error : 10" is seen.
      It occurred at their customer site. After that crash JVM recovers itself after a while but does not working properly.
      Since they cannot update their JRE version, Need to know the root cause and workaround to solve this problem.

      Customer has given the collected log about this crash.

      Here is the additional information about system:

      OS on Server : Solaris 8 7/01 s28s_u5wos_08 SPARC (Assembled 06 June 2001)
      Server HW: Sun Netra T1400
      Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (1.4.2_06-b03 mixed mode)

      When customer tried to take the error logs from server they saw that this error had been occurred five times at same server.
      In addition this same error occurred at peer server two times.
      So they have given all error logs corresponding to different processes.

      The error file "hs_err_pid370.log" is on Sun Netra T1400 and is in "Sun Netra T1400.zip" file.

      In addition customer verified that another set of crash error files were logged on Sun Netra 240 server.
      They have also given these error logs which is named as "Sun_Netra240.zip". All these can be the same error.
      Also customer verified that there wasn't any core dump created with hs_err_pid370.log on master server.
      But at peer server core file existed and the same has been given.

      Again customer has informed that they cannot update their JDK to the latest available
      because of changed behaviours noticed at their end.

      Customer need to know about the reason for the problem occurence and the resolution for it.




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