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Locales issue: shows different default locales when running on jdk 1.4.2-64 bit



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      I'm writing to you regarding a bug reported by SAP AG, which is a Java For Business partner! This issue is revolves around the 64-bit JDK version 1.4.2 on Windows 2008 platform, specifically the package java.util.Locale. So, this is a Locales issue that I'm reporting here

      The issue, as described by the SAP developer, is as follows :
       I have a small java test application running on Windows Server 2008 R2
       reporting different default locales when running on jdk 1.4.2 (gl_ES) or
       1.6.0 (en_US).

       The application:

       import java.util.Locale;
       public class Test
         public final static void main( String argv[] )
           System.out.println( Locale.getDefault());

       I have attached the procmon.exe traces for both tests (filter was to
       trace java.exe only).

       The problem shows up when performing SAP netweaver installation test on
       Oracle. The Oracle JDBC driver did not support the gl_ES locale, which
       results in a database connect failure.

      I tried running the code on Solaris 10 using JDK 6, and the code works fine. However, the code fails to produce the correct locale on JDK 1.4.2 running on Windows 2008.

      At SAP, the developers use workstations running on some version of Windows or the other, so they have Windows tools at their disposal! The PML files provided by the developer were apparently created by the Windows tool - procmon.exe.

      According to the SAP developer, export the log to another format leads to a loss in the much needed information for analysis. However, if you wish to have the files in a specific format, please let me know, and I'll forward it to the developer, and have him deliver the files in a format of your choice.




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