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Clean up 64 bit detection code in hotspot/make/windows/makefiles/defs.make



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      Code in hotspot/make/windows/makefiles/defs.make to detect build machine
      architecture could use some simplification

      It uses a grep on the PROCESS_IDENTIFIER environment variable.
      For 64 bit it historically looked like this:
      ifneq ($(shell $(ECHO) $(PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER) | $(GREP) AMD64),)

      The problem with this is that this doesn't recognise Intel chips.
      So another block was added for that
      ifneq ($(shell $(ECHO) $(PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER) | $(GREP) EM64T),)

      Then it was discovered that on later OSes such as Vista, Windows 7 etc
      the reported string is "Intel64".
      So this was changed to
      ifneq ($(shell $(ECHO) $(PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER) | $(GREP) "EM64T\|Intel64"),)

      Now it is found that this works for cygwin grep but not mks grep.
      So the low risk answer has been to create yet another new block.

      It would be better to have one block detect all three strings.

      The suggestion from John Coomes is :
      The $(filter) function may allow you to use a single test, e.g.,

      ifneq ($(filter AMD64 EM64T Intel64,$(PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER)),)

      This works as long as AMD64, EM64T or Intel64 appear as
      space-separated words in PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER. The key is
      space-separated; e.g., 'AMD64 (tm)' will be matched by the above, but
      'AMD64(tm)' will not be matched.

      I don't know the expected contents of $(PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER).

      To implement this will require verification that this
      * works as advertised with all expected values of PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER
      * works on mks and cygwin builds
      * works for all the values (AMD64, Intel64, EM64T), which probably
        requires having several installs.

      So filing this as an RFE for later handling.

      However it was also noted in 6951582 that PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER
      itself is not necessarily the best thing to test.
      Newer versions cygwin's ssh environment may remove this variable, and jprt builds
      may not work if they use ss, which I think they may do.

      So something else may be needed.


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