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CCC request to Update the OpenJDK Threeten Project in SE 8



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      JSR 310 has updated the java.time APIs:
       - Remove type parameter from ChronoLocalDate as unnecessary and to simplify API and usage
       - Rename Temporal.periodUntil to until() and all implementations
       - Added Temporal.isSupported(TemporalUnit) as a complement to TemporalAccessor.isSupported(TemporalField)
       - Add support for lenient parsing mechanism with Chronology.resolveDate, in subclasses and in TemporalField.
       - Add parsing support in Period for ISO week strings
       - Remove Temporal/getName and ChronoField.getName (redundant with toString and ChronoField.name method)
       - ChronoField.DAY_OF_YEAR clarified in case of Calendars and Era which start vary from year to year as In Japanese eras.
       - TemporalUnit and ChronoUnit.isDateUnit and isTimeUnit methods renamed to isDateBased and isTimeBased.
       - Move static methods in java.time.temporal.Adjusters to Adjuster interface and remove class Adjusters
       - Move static methods in java.time.temporal.Queries to TemporalQuery and remove class Queries
       - Changed OffsetDateTime.INSTANT_COMPARATOR froma field to a method
       - WeekFields updated to specific the lenient resolution modes
       - DateTimeFormatterBuilder cleanup of parsing of ZoneIds to match ZoneId.of syntax.
       - HijrahChronology updated the syntax for the BCP 47 based local strings to use "-u-ca-islamic-umalqura"
       - IsoChronology - narrowed the return type os IsoEra
       - JapaneseChronology/Date/Era
        - Japanese calendar starts with Meiji 6 to avoid ill defined early years of Meiji calendar.
         - Remove editorial error "(1865-04-07 - 1868-09-07)" as the Meiji range in the JapaneseChronology API doc.
         - Remove JapaneseEra.SEIREKI as ill defined and unnecessary;




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