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Perm Gen options partially removed and partially only ignored



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      JDK 9 b06

      When starting Java with "-XX:PermSize" and "-XX:MaxPermSize" on Linux and Mac, the following fatal error is issued:

      Unrecognized VM option 'MaxPermSize=384m'
      Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
      Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.

      When starting on Windows, these options are ignored (as with JDK 8) and the Java application starts successfully.

      Related NetBeans bug:

      NetBeans needs to know what will be the final state of these options on all platforms to accommodate accordingly in the NetBeans launcher.

      Note that NetBeans, and any other Java application which so far needed to programatically set these options for the best possible performance gain (e.g. based on user's available memory) or simply to be able to start (when the default Perm Gen size is too small for the app), will need to do a change in its code to start on JDK 9. As NetBeans supports running on top of more versions of Java, NetBeans launcher will need to check the Java version and pass a different set of JVM startup options based on the version (9 vs. older) which will not be possible in launchers of older NetBeans versions and thus NetBeans 8 and older, and any applications built on top of the older NetBeans Platform RCP, will not start on JDK 9 at all. Thus NetBeans team would prefer if the Perm Gen options can be only ignored going forward, as they are in JDK 8.




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