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Efficient array comparison intrinsics



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      (rough draft; needs formatting; see http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~mr/jep/jep-2.0-02.html)

      There are efficient operations (both safe and unsafe) for copying arrays, but none for comparing them. Let's fix this so users don't have to roll their own.

      At a minimum, the following intrinsic would allow suitable higher-level comparison operations to be implemented:

      /** Find the index of a mismatch between src and dest, or -1 if none. */
      System.arrayMismatch((Object src, int srcPos,
          Object dest, int destPos, int length, boolean fromEnd);
      • Returns an index in src of an element which differs from the corresponding element in dest, if such an element exists.
      • If no such element exists, returns -1.
      • If fromEnd is true, returns the index of the last differing element, else returns the first.
      • Correspondences between elements are as for System.arraycopy.
      • The result will be either -1 or a value between srcPos and srcPos+length-1, inclusive.
      • Exceptions are as for System.arraycopy.
      • The arrays must have compatible element types, either both the same primitive type or both reference types.
      • Comparisons are done as if by the Java == operator.
      • In particular references to different objects differ, even if Object.equals would return true.
      • Also, floating point NaNs always differ, even from themselves.

      This mechanism is easy to code and easy to vectorize. Most higher-level array comparison operations can readily be built on top of it.

      Basic comparison operations (at least lexicographic compareTo) using it should be added to java.util.Arrays.

      String.compareTo can be re-implemented on top of this intrinsic. Methods of the form String.mismatchTo should be added.

      As a possible follow-up, System.arrayIndexOf could be added to perform a vectorized non-anchored search of one array inside another. This loop is less interesting, however, since it would be too narrow for some use cases involving NaNs, structural object comparisons, or case-insensitive searches.


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