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JRE 8u20 fails to install on Windows Server 2012 with encrypted (BitLocker) system drive.



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      The user fails to install JRE 8u20 on Windows Server 2012 core system. The error message received is 1603 (attached screenshots). This issue is reported against 8u20, and the installation of previous versions went successful so can be considered as regression.
      Note: Above user has BitLocker encryption enabled on system drive (C:\)

      Another user who has encountered similar error referred to BitLocker encryption on Windows server 2012 effecting JRE installation failure. User has tried all possible options, including uninstalling any older JRE version and restarting the system to no avail. He claims that he can install 8u11 and earlier JRE versions, but not 8u20.

      Initial Analysis:
      The error 1603 is associated with Windows installer. See:
      You receive an "error 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation" error message when you try to install a Windows…
      As another possible workaround, 1. Ensure that Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs does not have JDK listing. If it does, remove the same and then reattempt the JDK installation.

      Response from the user: No change, still the same error.

      Further Analysis:
      Possible scenario: If the system drive is encrypted with BitLocker (available with Windows Server 2012, Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate editions), JRE/JDK may fail to install with the above-mentioned error message.

      Response: Disabling BitLocker is not easy as full system disk is encrypted and would require a complete window re-install.

      Impact: Multiple users with administered systems have reported this issue.

      Suggested workaround (Need to reconfirm):
      1. Install English Lang Pack
      2. Apply English for Display language and Copy settings to Welcome screen and system accounts
      3. Return the old language, and copy settings to New user accounts
      4. After this, jre installed successfully


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