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There is no mixed warning dialog shown up.



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      Testsuite:mixedcodeJW in javaws
      Test name(s):testMixedCodeDialogBehavior
      Product(s) tested:Jre8u25b09 64bit
      OS/architecture:Ubuntu 12.04 x64

      Reproducible: Always
      Reproducible on machine:egtc

      Is it a Regression:YES
      (Jre 8u25b02 32bit+Ubuntu 12.04 x64:FAILED)
      (Jre 8u25b01 32bit+Ubuntu 12.04 x64:PASS)

      Test result on the last GAed release for this train:
      (Jre 8u5b13 32bit+Ubuntu 12.04 x64:PASS)

      [if Fail] Test result on FCS:

      Is it a platform specific issue:Not sure

      Exception/Error from Log:http://aurora-ds3.us.oracle.com:9502/runs%2F543338.ManualSubmit-


      Copy JDF workspace,install test jre,and run this case
      #Steps to reproduce:

      The option "Enable - show warning if needed" is selected by default. Run this test with the default settings i.e. Enable - show warning if needed.
      Enable java trace.
      For JDK7u51 or higher or JDK8, add test URL prefix "http://localhost:8080/mixedcodeJW/" to JCP->Security->Exception Site List to avoid blocking
      Clear cache: javaws -uninstall
      Load following app from CMD: javaws http://localhost:8080/mixedcodeJW/jnlp/testPubNameMixedCodeSignedToUnsigned.jnlp

          Make sure two security pop-ups are there for both Signed and unsigned applets

          Accept these warnings.

          Make sure the third pop-up for mixed warning dialog is there, make sure it has native windows look and feel. The dialog should have focus on it and be modal.

          Click on "Don't block" so that mixed code contents are not blocked

              Check in trace, applet should print TEST PASSED in it.

          Restart the javaws application.

          Make sure pop-up of mixed warning dialog is there again

          Click on "Block" so that mixed code contents are blocked

              In trace there is message of "ACCESS FAILED". And "java.lang.SecurityException: trusted loader attempted to load sandboxed resource from......" should be seen inside the plugin trace

      #The actual result:
      There is no mixed warning dialog shown up.




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