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Browser window goes to the bottom of z-order when opening a page with applet from a desktop shortcut



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      Sometimes browser window goes to the bottom of the z-order when a page with applet is open from a shortcut on the desktop.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create URL shortcut on the desktop:
        1.1. Right-click empty area on the desktop, point at New, and click Shortcut.
        1.2. Paste URL to a page hosting an applet. Click Next.
        1.3. Type a name for the shortcut. Click Finish.
      2. Click this shortcut. Internet Explorer will launch and open the page.
      3. Wait until the applet starts.
      4. Make sure Internet Explorer window is at the top and there are several other open windows on the desktop.
      5. Without minimizing IE window, click the shortcut once again.
      6. Expected: a new tab in IE is created and IE window stays at the top.
         Actual: a new tab in IE is created, IE window is hidden beneath other windows on the desktop, IE button is flashing on the taskbar.

      Note: it could take several iterations until this bug is reproduced. Repeat steps 3-5.

      This issue cannot be reproduced in IE 11 as such shortcut is always open a new Internet Explorer window.

      Click Internet Explorer button on the taskbar to activate its window and bring it to the top.


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