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GUI is slowing down sporadically



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    • 8u40
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    • Win 7 Pro SP1, 64 Bit, JDK 8u40

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        Our application uses a rather lot of animated GIFs, so we have a good impression when the animation thread is "slow": The GIFs will stop or start to "bounce". Thanks to this coincidental environment we noticed a performance problem:

        We experienced that sometimes Windows need very long time to open and "get animated correctly", like minutes (!), until the content is shown, or even when the content is shown until all GIFs are running smoothly, or even when this is the case, it happens that some GIFs stand still forever while all others run fine (even when using a shared Image instance!). :-(

        Note: We only talk about SHOWing a window which already was created before and animated shoothly until it got hidden lateron and then the PC was hibernated while JavaFX was still open.

        So an essential information might be that the problem really never happens directly after creation of the window, nor after particularly long runtime (GC or memory leaks seems not to be the cause), but was ONLY discovered when the window was hidden and gets shown FOR THE FIRST TIME after the PC comes back from hibernation! We also only know this effect from Windows 7 and 8, as we have no other operating systems. It is reproducible frequently on all our PCs, and there is no OnShowing event listener registered.

        This is pretty annoying as it seems we have no chance to get rid of this effect. We would be really thankful if this could get addresses rather soon. :-)


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