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Bindings.select*(): add new type-safe template based API instead of legacy-style set of methods



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      javafx.beans.binding.Bindings.select*(ObservableValue<?> root, java.lang.String... steps):

          to select some chain of properties one should write something like:

      BooleanBinding bb = Bindings.selectBoolean(control.sceneProperty(), "window", "isShowing");

          When having templates and lambdas this API looks legacy. This kind of usage is not type-safe, may lead to runtime errors and involves reflection in the implementation.

          The idea is to use type-safe functional-style 'selector' like this:

      public interface Selector<T, E> {
           ObservableValue<E> selectValue(T t);

          and the helper interface (class):

      public interface SelectElement<E> {
           <K> SelectElement<K> select(Selector<E, K> p);

           <K extends Boolean> BooleanBinding selectBoolean(Selector<E, K> p);
           <K extends Integer> IntegerBinding selectInteger(Selector<E, K> p);
           <K extends Long> LongBinding selectLong(Selector<E, K> p);
           <K extends Float> FloatBinding selectFloat(Selector<E, K> p);
           <K extends Double> DoubleBinding selectDouble(Selector<E, K> p);
           <K extends String> StringBinding selectString(Selector<E, K> p);
           <K> ObjectBinding selectObject(Selector<E, K> p);


          The new Bindings method replacing all select*() methods:

          publci static <E> SelectElement<E> select(ObservableValue<E> o);

          With the new API the example above would look like:

      BooleanBinding bb = Bindings.select(control.sceneProperty()).
              select(s -> s.windowProperty()).
              selectBoolean(w -> w.showingProperty());

          The benefits of the new API:

       * Static type checking - no chances for a mistake when selecting long
         chain of properties
       * IDE code assisting for property selection
       * not restricted to properties only, but might be used with any
         observable. I.e. one may want to select an element from observable
         collection at any selection step
       * might be implemented without reflection, which may result in some
         performance gain


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