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WebEngine/WebView Outstanding resource locks detected and NullPointers



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      This has been a problem since I started with JavaFX 8 a couple months ago, I just didn't have time to log it yet. My test app can be found at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/06yoh97jrtu36nj/7prK0vM5Sx

      Running through proxy
      - Going to Thingiverse WebView throws alot of error mesages and sometimes also NullPointers. It also can't display many of the images on the website. In my demo app I didn't add code to download, but in my main app I can download from websites. Downloading from Thingiverse with proxy enabled causes a timeout
      - Can't go to CubeHero. I can go to CubeHero through Chrome and using the same proxy
      - Can't go to YouMagine. I can go to YouMagine through Chrome and using the same proxy

      Not using a proxy
      - Still many errors from Thingiverse and many of the images can't display
      - Can go to CubeHero
      - Can go to YouMagine

      Some of the errors that show up with or without proxy. I haven't been able to produce the NullPointers now
      Outstanding resource locks detected:
      D3D Vram Pool: 117,793,268 used (43.9%), 117,793,268 managed (43.9%), 268,435,456 total
      173 total resources being managed
      average resource age is 0.6 frames
      0 resources at maximum supported age (0.000000)
      74 resources marked permanent (42.800000)
      45 resources have had mismatched locks (26.000000)
      45 resources locked (26.000000)
      101 resources contain interesting data (58.400000)
      0 resources disappeared (0.000000)

      When these errors come up the images normally do not show up on the web page


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