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Unable to control full path of self contained bundle from the Ant interface




      The attached xml file allows to to get a Mac pkg file but not at the path I would like it to be: see build.ant.out.
      I specify outdir="/tmp/appStore" and outfile="Airport App 08-20 15-44-50" but the pkg file is written at /tmp/appStore/bundles/Airport App-1.0.pkg.
      Apparently a implicit rules adds "/bundles" directory and use as real outfile the application name + "-" + the application version.
      How should I do to get as used path outdir-value + "/" + outfile-value + ".pkg" ?

      In http://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/technotes/guides/deploy/javafx_ant_task_reference.html one reads:
      outdir = Name of the directory in which output files are generated.
      outfile = Prefix of the output files, without the extension.

      The contract doesn't seem fulfilled for the two properties: outdir is taken into account but the addition of "/bundles" means that the real directory where the file is written is not the user provided one, and outfile seems ignored (by the way if you remove it from the xml file fx:deploy behaves the same despite this parameter is required).

      Did I miss something ?

      When I produce the same Mac pkg file using the Java API it behaves like a charm:
      - outdir is provided as a parameter of bundler.execute()
      - file name without extension is provided thanks MacBaseInstallerBundler.INSTALLER_NAME
      See build.api.out.

      I try to write an Ant script that behaves the same as the Java API: I agree I can use the Ant task "move" right after fx:deploy, as a workaround.

      All parts to reproduce the case are in the zip file.


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