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[Printing] ManagedResource issues with threading and multiple ResourceFactories.



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      Printing bug RT-36178 reported a failure to print
      plus messages about locked resources from the resource pool tracking code ..
      Outstanding resource locks detected:
      J2D Texture Pool: 9,846,784 used (15.2%), 9,846,784 managed (15.2%), 64,880,640 total
      D3D Vram Pool: 21,325,748 used (7.9%), 21,325,748 managed (7.9%), 268,435,456 total
      54 total resources being managed
      average resource age is 1.9 frames
      0 resources at maximum supported age (0.0%)
      6 resources marked permanent (11.1%)
      4 resources have had mismatched locks (7.4%)
      4 resources locked (7.4%)
      16 resources contain interesting data (29.6%)
      0 resources disappeared (0.0%)

      The failure to print is one bug but the lock messages are something else

      The resource management code uses a single system-wide pool
      and all resources from all factories are tracked there.
      The J2D printing pipeline does properly lock & unlock the resources
      however its operating on an off-screen thread, aysnchronous to
      the checks run by the resource management code which runs
      based on the on-screen pulse. Thus it randomly sees whatever
      resources are currently in use in printing on the other thread.

      There are several issues here
      1) The printing of the warnings is on by default - perhaps it should not be.
      2) The resource pool should perhaps be per-factory
      3) The resource pool should perhaps somehow take into account the
      thread on which a resource was allocated and count it only as leaked
      if the render thread allocated it. That would ignore most of what
      printing allocates and may need refinement
      4) The ManagedResource class uses a HashMap. Perhaps it should be
      a ConcurrentHashMap, or be local to a thread.


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