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Pisces Renderer shows huge performance win when coded in C




      I wanted to compare the performance of Java code versus C code for the FX Pisces Renderer class (in particular, the inner class ScanlineIterator). To do this, I developed a version of ScanlineIterator (called ScanlineIterator2) that would compile under both C and Java and changed Renderer to use this class. This allowed me to very quickly get working Java and C code for the comparison.

      The win is huge. Here are the results of VectorTest running full speed (the second run has -DNATIVE_ALPHA to enable the C code, both print the total time in the method every 1000 times it is called):

      **** SLOW:

      chart width: 1200.0
      chart height: 600.0
      NATIVE_ALPHA: false
      Count=1, Time=39
      Count=101, Time=321
      Count=201, Time=594
      Count=301, Time=867
      Count=401, Time=1148
      FPS: 22.60
      Count=501, Time=1418
      Count=601, Time=1696
      Count=701, Time=1979
      Count=801, Time=2263
      Count=901, Time=2549
      Count=1001, Time=2832
      FPS: 28.77
      Count=1101, Time=3113
      Count=1201, Time=3394
      Count=1301, Time=3676
      Count=1401, Time=3962
      Count=1501, Time=4242
      Count=1601, Time=4523
      FPS: 28.29
      Count=1701, Time=4811
      Count=1801, Time=5092
      Count=1901, Time=5377
      Count=2001, Time=5662
      Count=2101, Time=5945
      FPS: 28.57
      Count=2201, Time=6230
      Count=2301, Time=6520
      Count=2401, Time=6804
      Count=2501, Time=7085
      Count=2601, Time=7365
      Count=2701, Time=7632
      FPS: 28.45
      Count=2801, Time=7902
      Count=2901, Time=8189
      Count=3001, Time=8495
      Count=3101, Time=8788
      Count=3201, Time=9081
      Count=3301, Time=9375
      FPS: 27.63
      Count=3401, Time=9668
      Count=3501, Time=9966
      Count=3601, Time=10263
      Count=3701, Time=10569
      Count=3801, Time=10866
      Count=3901, Time=11161
      FPS: 28.28
      Count=4001, Time=11454
      Count=4101, Time=11743
      Count=4201, Time=12034
      Count=4301, Time=12335
      Count=4401, Time=12640
      FPS: 28.43
      Count=4501, Time=12933
      Count=4601, Time=13225
      Count=4701, Time=13523
      Count=4801, Time=13820
      Count=4901, Time=14120
      Count=5001, Time=14422
      FPS: 28.66
      Count=5101, Time=14722
      Count=5201, Time=15021
      Count=5301, Time=15317
      Count=5401, Time=15618
      Count=5501, Time=15911
      Count=5601, Time=16206
      FPS: 28.89
      Count=5701, Time=16507
      Count=5801, Time=16789
      Count=5901, Time=17087
      Count=6001, Time=17380
      Count=6101, Time=17676
      FPS: 29.28
      Count=6201, Time=17974
      Count=6301, Time=18261
      Count=6401, Time=18559
      Count=6501, Time=18862
      Count=6601, Time=19158

      ***** FAST:

      chart width: 1200.0
      chart height: 600.0
      NATIVE_ALPHA: true
      Count=1, Time=3
      Count=101, Time=203
      Count=201, Time=400
      Count=301, Time=600
      Count=401, Time=795
      Count=501, Time=995
      Count=601, Time=1192
      FPS: 30.89
      Count=701, Time=1392
      Count=801, Time=1590
      Count=901, Time=1782
      Count=1001, Time=1980
      Count=1101, Time=2181
      Count=1201, Time=2379
      Count=1301, Time=2577
      Count=1401, Time=2774
      FPS: 38.40
      Count=1501, Time=2974
      Count=1601, Time=3167
      Count=1701, Time=3361
      Count=1801, Time=3557
      Count=1901, Time=3745
      Count=2001, Time=3950
      Count=2101, Time=4139
      Count=2201, Time=4336
      FPS: 39.40
      Count=2301, Time=4529
      Count=2401, Time=4725
      Count=2501, Time=4916
      Count=2601, Time=5108
      Count=2701, Time=5304
      Count=2801, Time=5502
      Count=2901, Time=5700
      Count=3001, Time=5889
      FPS: 40.32
      Count=3101, Time=6087
      Count=3201, Time=6283
      Count=3301, Time=6479
      Count=3401, Time=6675
      Count=3501, Time=6873
      Count=3601, Time=7076
      Count=3701, Time=7273
      Count=3801, Time=7466
      FPS: 40.36
      Count=3901, Time=7660
      Count=4001, Time=7858
      Count=4101, Time=8057
      Count=4201, Time=8264
      Count=4301, Time=8460
      Count=4401, Time=8668
      Count=4501, Time=8860
      Count=4601, Time=9055
      FPS: 40.20
      Count=4701, Time=9270
      Count=4801, Time=9463
      Count=4901, Time=9666
      Count=5001, Time=9866
      Count=5101, Time=10062
      Count=5201, Time=10266
      Count=5301, Time=10467
      Count=5401, Time=10659
      FPS: 39.89
      Count=5501, Time=10857
      Count=5601, Time=11060


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